From the idea that it's high time to change the way we treat our food and our planet, Simpligreen was born: the world's first, fresh-frozen, raw spirulina.Due to the combination of a health crisis and a climate crisis, a growing group of people are looking for real alternatives to their existing diet. Full of high-quality, plant-based proteins and other essential nutrients and building blocks that make eating less meat possible. But also simple to apply in an existing diet. Real sustainable, C02-neutral produced, unprocessed, whole food that therefore really does something for you. Eat better, feel better, do better. So simple. Simpligreen.

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Simpligreen & The Yellow Web

We designed a website and webshop for Simpligreen. We also thought about the business processes. Spirulina must be transported frozen. So the chain and the process must be as efficient as possible. A very challenging process that involves a lot of work. Automation, fine-tuning and efficiency. The result is impressive. Take a look at the beautiful site of Simpligreen.

Spirulina is originally a single-celled non-toxic blue-green algae that has been found in all seas on earth for over 3.5 billion years. In the sea, this plant cleans surface water of heavy metals and the like. Spirulina for humans is just full-fledged food and has been on the market in powder and tablet form for a long time. But it doesn't smell or taste good in that form. Our partners were the first to succeed in realizing production on land: in freshwater ponds, using sunlight, plant manure and minimal water use. This allows for harvesting every ten days after which the spirulina is pureed and immediately frozen. 100% natural, raw and unprocessed spirulina and nothing else. Or better: almost exactly everything else.

Our customers

Marie-Gil Fabris Hilton - Marketing manager

‘The Yellow Web revamped our restaurant’s brand, put together a full brand guide and created a complete new website to bring our story into a digital experience. Not only are we extremely happy with the results, but working with them has also been an absolute pleasure in every step of the process. They genuinely care about their clients and the quality they deliver. Communication has been easy and they went the extra mile to make sure our restaurant’s website experience is impeccable. Thank you to the whole team for their beautiful work!’

Lot Salem-Hoveling RTL / Fremantle / Blue Circle

‘The Yellow Web has made several websites for us that we are very happy with! It was quite a job, but the result is beautiful! The whole team, and Levent in particular, has been a great help at all times. They were patient and always available to resolve and adjust things quickly. We are very happy with the result and will certainly have more sites made by The Yellow Web in the future. THANKS!’

Yossi Eliyahoo C.E.O. The Entourage Group

'Working with The Yellow Web is amazing. They build and maintain all our websites worlwide. They make a difference by thinking ahead and advising us to be future-proof. Fast and easy going communication. The Yellow Web is our web-partner that strengthens our brand. Thank you.'

Mr. Mirjam Mollema de Merkplaats - Partner

'The Yellow Web has developed our website and we are very happy with the end result. They know how to perfectly combine professionalism, creativity, and a hands-on mentality, so that the development of our website not only went very smoothly (which is quite unique in the IT business ..) but it was also a very pleasant process with also a high fun factor. How unique is that! '

Mr. Sieuwert Bruins Slot STIPT. Advocaten - Partner


'The Yellow Web has delivered a beautiful new website for my office STIPT lawyers. The cooperation with Lev was very good. Excellent web designer. Nice direct contact, creative ideas, so that you are slightly different from the rest. '

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