Do Not Disturb Lounge Bar

Een nieuw concept in het hart van Amsterdam. Waar vroeger Mad Fox zat is er nu een fantastisch nieuw concept. Voor The Entourage Group hebben we deze speak-easy achtige mysterieuze site gebouwd

On the lower floor of the W Amsterdam, hidden underneath the concrete and cobblestones of the Dutch capital, the darkest of hours turn vibrant with the opening of Do Not Disturb. THE ENTOURAGE GROUP lights up the night reshaping the bar & lounge concept as we know it, creating a high-energy destination for social gatherings. A cosmopolitan crowd meets in a sleek yet buzzing setting, submerging themselves in high-end spirits, energetic music, and new connections. Tables or bar reservations are  available for the right vibe of the eccentric mix of guests visiting Do Not Disturb, every single night.