We start with the introductory meeting. In this conversation we ask important questions such as "what is the purpose of the website?" "What are your wishes?" And "who is the target group?". We think about the structure and design of the website. We brainstorm together about the possibilities. This phase is concluded with a quote.

Ideas & concepts

Based on the wishes discussed in the introductory meeting, we work out and propose a number of ideas. We discuss this together with the customer to achieve a desired result together.

Interaction design

The first step in developing your website is the interaction design. With the help of wireframes, the processes and logic of the website are made clear. Based on this we can check whether there are no functionalities missing.

Graphic design

After the functionalities are known we can start with the graphic design of the website. From our experience we propose a number of things such as color use, image use and typography. After the customer has given us feedback on these matters, we can start designing.

Build & realize

Once the graphic design has been approved, we start building the website. The website is linked to our own CMS system that makes it easy to manage the website itself. In consultation, we can expand the CMS with more functionalities. The website is developed in an online test environment so that the customer can view the progress and provide feedback.

Test & improve

In the test environment, we can check whether all functionalities work properly and whether the design looks good on all devices. The customer receives log-in details to adjust texts and images themselves. We can solve any shortcomings here.


Then comes the most exciting moment, the website goes live! We transfer the website of the test environment to the domain name and visitors can now view and find the website in Google.

Maintenance service

We are not ready yet after the website is online. We can offer assistance in managing the website and deliver periodic updates where necessary. Of course we are always ready for questions and possible adjustments of the website.